The Mouse

What a way to start a Monday Morning‼

Minou, my cat, brought me a mouse … fortunately, I was awake as the alarm just sounded.  The lights were still off as I had rolled over to get a few more seconds of shut eye!

I felt her make a quick jump onto the bed and a quick jump off and I just KNEW she had a mouse from the way she was scurrying around.

Now there are somethings you can only imagine … I am too terrified of that mouse to put my feet on the floor so I lean over the edge of the bed for my sneaker and use that to reach for the light switch. … There is NO way my feet are touching down when there is a mouse on the loose.  (Yes, I know I reacted as if it were a roaring, raging, Rodent of Unusual Size‼)

I get the light turned on and feel brave enough to put my feet on the floor. Minou now has the mouse cornered under the rug in the bathroom.  I move the rug and, fortunately, the mouse headed behind the commode and not towards me!!

I have an old aluminum tray under the toilet to catch the drips when the tank sweats and the mouse heads under there.  I have to pull out the waste basket, pull out the aluminum tray and then that ROUS heads behind the #10 can in which I keep the plunger!!

ARGH!!  (Remember, I am still barefoot‼)

So I grab the cat (who has lost track of where this monster is) and face her toward the #10 can with one hand, the one still holding the sneaker, and I move the #10 can by the handle of the plunder so my hand doesn’t get too close to the ROUS.  Minou spots it (finally), grabs it and takes it back into the bedroom.  (Now, mind you, I managed by some miracle not to scream because the terror in my voice frightens her!)  Well, she drops the mouse (way too close to my still-bare feet … I bopped it on the head with my sneaker and I swiftly trapped it under the plunger!!  Only its tail is sticking out and she is trying to get him!!

I spot a big, brown envelope, grab it, and slide that under the plunger and the mouse and before he could recover from  the shock of being bopped on the head  (thank you little Rabbit FooFoo for the idea!) I flush him down the toilet‼ I am still shuddering!!

Wasn’t that a wild way to start a Monday morning??


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